Be the Competition, not a Competitor

Every business feels the daily pressure to promote their business.  Your business is not the only option in town as in frontier days.  Customers now have many choices.  If a family want to eat chicken, they have dozens of choices within a few miles.  But, the selection of choices covers all buying choices.  Tires, gas, groceries, nail salons, printing, computers, jewelry, or clothes.

Stop the Amazon Effect

Shop Local

Lextra overlays any business community and quickly becomes the most effective marketing program ever.  Lextra is the ultimate in a Buy Local program as all businesses, large or small, get an amazing ability to reach in excess of 100,000 customers with the most advanced technology and best reward system anywhere.  Lextra is an affordable and effective marketing program that will literally change buying habits and effectively compete with Amazon-type offers and large chain store tactics that are hurting local businesses.