Communities Benefit from Lextra Technology

Lextra Rewards mobile appAt the heart of the Lextra program is a powerful mobile app and million-dollar technology that  is easily adopted by the business community.  Technology should solve problems, not complicate lives.

The problems for businesses are the hundreds of confusing reward programs, too many reward cards, and meaningless rewards that are actually a way to collect buying data.  At the typical .005 cent per dollar spent, customer must spend $1000 to earn $5 in rewards.  Why bother?

Lextra rewards start at 3%, the same $1000 of spending produces $30 of Lextra value that can be spent in ANY Lextra store.  The Lextra mobile app is free to download and updates points in real time.  Every local purchase adds Lextra points to the customer's app.  And, these points represent greater spending power that will be spent in other local stores.

Lextra is a "Plug and Play" technology that can be easily adopted and implemented in any business network.  And, the Lextra app solves problems.  There is one app for all local purchases, allows customers to easily find what they want to buy (like a local Google), and offers high-value rewards that can be spent in any other Lextra business.

Lextra includes powerful marketing systems at no extra charge.  Imagine reachings 100,000 customers without paying expensive advertising costs.  And, the system runs 24/7 when other advertising has already gone into the trash.  Since consumer love to earn rewards, they search for goods and services that offer Lextra points that can be spent instead of cash.  Money circulates in the community and drives a robust business cycle.

Technology can work against you business or for your business.  Systems like ours represent millions of dollars of investment that local businesses cannot afford.  Lextra has done the work for the local business community.  When the community leadership makes a full commitment to change the shopping dynamics of their local community, Lextra offers the support, training, and technology that can defeat the Amazon Effect and drive local business profits by 10-20% in just a few months.