A Winning Strategy

Marketing TechnologyTechnology has implemented changes that have dramatically transformed our lives. Now the entire scope of how we buy goods and services have all been replaced with digital or modern equivalents. Even maps and radios have also been digitally revamped.

 In the wake of all this technologic innovation, the typical ways of advertising, and marketing have also changed. 

However, the advantages that the mega-businesses wield through strategic advertising and marketing have severely impacted the local stores. Many continue to struggle to survive, economies of many communities decline and the Internet giants smile all the way to the bank raking in billions. There seems to be little that small and medium-sized businesses can do to halt the downward trend of their businesses.

Lextra has engineered a proven concept in 40 countries and produced a single powerful way to energize local businesses and revitalize communities. Our platform increases the technological capability of every small business, allowing local merchants to compete and outperform their current output. To redirect their economic resource to stay in their communities and build local prosperity. When small businesses can move more of their goods and services everyone wins.  Our goal is simple-to leverage small businesses into the game as players, giving everyone a better opportunity to succeed.

Technology, in the past, may have been seen as the begrudged enemy of local businesses, due to economics, now will become a powerful ally.

The process starts with a simple and intuitive mobile app, fantastic technology, and a coalition of area merchants who want to take back what has been lost to the mega-corporations.  Every Lextra hub starts with a coalition of no less than 100 committed businesses.  So, the first task is to find community and business leaders who want to take back the economic future of their community.  Want to join us?