Be the Competition, not a Competitor

Every business feels the daily pressure to promote their business.  Your business is not the only option in town as in frontier days.  Customers now have many choices.  If a family want to eat chicken, they have dozens of choices within a few miles.  But, the selection of choices covers all buying choices.  Tires, gas, groceries, nail salons, printing, computers, jewelry, or clothes.  We stand in a crowd of local businesses trying to catch the attention of the buying public.

To improve our reach and appeal, merchants pay thousands of dollars for marketing and advertising.  However, as we all know, businesses are paying more and more and getting less and less for their dollar.  The public is now so inundated with to mailers, newspaper ads, billboards, commercials, and flyers that they are almost meaningless.  Increasingly, typical marketing is losing its power to produce a thriving business.

The next phase is discounting products and cutting prices.  The typical game is marking up a product so it can be discounted and still produce a profit.  Some goods are high profit offerings and easily discounted.  Other products have thin margins and sales often produce a loss in the hope that the customers will buy other products during the visit to produce a profit for the merchant.

Lextra does not believe in spending huge dollars for marketing or discounting products.  We ardently believe that discounts devalue your products, but reward place a value on the customer.

So, Lextra points are SUBSTANTIAL, not paltry.  Lextra has pioneered the best concept in loyalty rewards.  With every purchase, customers see an immediate and sizable increase on the Lextra app residing on their mobile phone that can be spend in ANY LEXTRA store in the area or the country.  If we suppose that customers spend at least $500 with local Lextra stores offering an average of 10% Lextra rewards, the customer gets $50 in increased spending power.  If Lextra rewards are 20%, that is $100 in extra spending power.  What customer would not absolutely love an extra $50 or $100 to spend each month?  That is $600 to $1200 extra in spending opportunity in a year.

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Lextra rewards can and will "change the buying habits of consumers."  They are substantial and meaningful, and they can be earned and redeemed in any Lextra store.  Read More...