Boca Raton Businesses Discover Lextra

Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce

Starting in April 2019, Boca Raton area businesses are learning about Lextra.  Lextra is hosting informative meetings at the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce offices to explain the power and reach of the Lextra Reward program.  The information is not only impressive, but provides the only technologically-sound path to mitigate the invasive power of Internet competition and mega-chain stores that are putting stress and strain on local businesses.  

Lextra is a new level of the loyalty rewards offered by many stores.  However, instead of dozens and dozens of independent reward programs that are hard to follow; Lextra is a powerful coalition rewards program that uses just ONE MOBILE APP for all the purchase made in your community.  We believe that people want to support community businesses, but are being lured away by large chain stores and giant Internet invaders.  Lextra offers substantial rewards that show up in one app.  Hundreds of local stores can offer and redeem Lextra points, and the extra spending power is impressive.  Lextra customers quickly learn that they can enjoy $25, $50, and $100 each month of extra buying power via the Lextra app.

Here is an important fact that deserves wide acceptance among the local business community.  Small business collectively outweigh the mega-businesses.  In short, there are more of us than there are of them.  The difference is large businesses act with collective wealth, advertising prowess, and purchasing power.  Large business can afford to "sell at a loss" for a period of time that puts undue pressure on any market segment.  This tactic can force competition from the marketplace and allow the winner to dominate and impose their actual pricing later.

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Boca Raton businesses now have a weapon that creates a community effect of Customer Appeal and Purchasing Power that far outclasses that of the Internet giants and chain store disrupters.