Cash Back Credit Card Rewards

cash back cards

When we sift through the "reward card jungle", we will end up with the few cards that we actually use. We find that these preferred "few" have one clear advantage, either offering "Cash Back" or another clearly defined reward. No mystery rewards of negligible value.

Cards like the CapitalOne Spark Card offers "Unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere".  The marketing experts at CapitalOne have surveyed the market and developed a concept that they feel has strong appeal in a market full of reward-type offers.  So, let's break down their well-planned offer:

  1. Unlimited rewards
  2. 1.5% cash back
  3. Every Purchase bought with the card
  4. Applies at every store

Here's the rest of the story.  (If you're a consumer or merchant listen carefully)

  1. An onerous finance charge of 15.24-23.24% on outstanding balances
  2. You must make a request for the cash back
  3. All credits are lost if you close the account  

Let's look at the Lextra Loyalty Reward program

  1. Unlimited Lextra reward points 
  2. Receive a minimum 3% cash back, but often much higher
  3. Applies to any and all purchases (products or services)
  4. Never any penalty, late fees, or interest charges
  5. Credits never, ever expire
  6. Rewards instantly awarded and instantly spendable via your Lextra phone app.