The Death of Reward Cards

Death of Local Stores

If you are like millions of others who are tired of a wallet bulging with reward cards or dozens of mini-cards on your keychain, then the death of reward cards is good news.  
As we speak, the entire industry of rewards technology is leaping forward, quickly retiring the "stubs and cards" processors. They are now as obsolete as compact disks and writing paper checks. 

Frankly, the Lextra  App for your mobile phone is a milestone product elevating the reward industry to a new standard.  Not only will the Lextra App take the place of many of your reward cards but it will offer additional options never seen before in a reward product.

At Lextra we hear the consumers needs. 
       -Reward programs must offer valuable and meaningful rewards
       -Reward programs must be simple to understand and easy to use
       -Reward programs must allow consumers to earn and spend rewards, like cash, and must be found in as many area stores as possible. 

Simplicity in rewards programs is a must, and the all this is now possible with one amazing mobile app from Lextra Rewards. 

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