The Death of Reward Cards

Death of Local StoresIf you are like millions of others with a wallet bulging with reward cards or dozens of mini-cards on your keychain, this death of reward cards is good news.  As technology trudges forward, those rewards cards are going the way of compact disks and writing paper checks.  Frankly, there is now one innovation that will make our lives better as anyone sitting on a billfold will attest.

In the place of reward cards are the apps for your mobile phone, but there is yet another improvement by companies like Lextra.  Instead of page after page of apps, how about one app that tracks all your rewards?

While we at at it, this reward app immediately collects serious rewards at all area stores and let you spend your reward like cash .... from your phone wallet.

All this is now possible with one amazing mobile app from Lextra Rewards.  GET THE APP