Extra Cash for the Extra Things of Life

Great Sunglasses

How often have families bypassed the extra choices they would like to make because there wasn't enough money in the budget?  We all know uncomfortable decision that we'd like to avoid.  I was reminded of this recently as I have had my eye on some very cool sunglasses that were "just too pricey."  Every time I saw them in the store or on someone else, I dismissed the purchase as frivolous.  But, hey ... wouldn't it be nice to have these ultra-cool sunglasses on a bright, sunny day?

As I collected reward points, I discovered that there was a store with those sunglasses that accepted my points.  Reward points are like finding $50 cash in the pocket of a pair of pants you seldom wear.  Using reward points to purchase the sunglasses would have no negative impact on my bill paying requirements.  So, I bought them!  

Now, when I get compliments on my ultra-cool sunglasses, I do not hesitate to tell the story of how I bought them.  I always get that surprised and envious look as they realize that something like great sunglasses can be bought in part or in whole with reward points.