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Extra Capacity

The big question people ask is "How can merchants continually make such great offers with Lextra? "

The answer lies in knowing about your business's "Excess or Extra Capacity".  Normally most businesses and services have downtime, unused time, vacancies, extra inventory, and cancellations. Restaurants have empty seats, slow days, and food that spoils. Retail stores do not make money when items sit on the shelf. What isn't so apparent is the damage this huge hole produces in their monthly revenue. Companies with unused extra inventory are losing money, not only because excess capacity is an "inconvenience" but because it represents a real opportunity that is being lost. 

Unsold stock, inventory, empty seats, slow hours, and unused time always has a cost.  Every day and hour of operation has a cost to the business.  If that stock, food, or time is unused; the business is "Running in the Red".

A business running at 80% capacity, while earning  $50,000 per month, will produce  $10,000 worth of unrealized income. Raising the capacity to 90% capacity brings in $5000 more per month or an extra $60,000 per year.

The Lextra Rewards program is a fantastic resource to combat this problem. The program functions as an online store within a highly localized area. It advertises local businesses' excess capacity on the Lextra Exchange website and app. Businesses are able to sell products and services by offering to accept and distribute rewards. This allows them to have an outlet to transform their unused commodities into needed products or services. 

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There is nothing quite as good as a Win-Win solution. Bringing all these pieces together hasn't been easy; but more than a decade of experience, advanced technology, and innovative planning has made Lextra the winning solution that businesses and customers truly love.