Mixed Emotions about Reward Cards

Reward programs are blossoming everywhere!  Everyone wants their customers to accept and use the reward program for their store or business.  And, it all sounds pretty good, right? After all everyone likes the idea of free stuff.  So, they are lured into accepting dozens of reward cards or apps until they are loaded with a card for every store.

Here's the dirty little secret about these proprietary reward cards.  They are offering insignificant rewards to collect data on consumers.  Google and Facebook are not the only data collection giants.  Everyone has been reduced to the ALL IMPORTANT "Consumer Data Equation" that allows businesses to market more accurately to what they see as a consumer.

Have you noticed that when you search for anything on line that other, non-related Internet use pops up items you recently searched for?  Why do the coupons at the drug store now selectively print offers per your buying habits?  Very soon, facial recognition will watch your every move, track your buys, and cater offers to meet your need before you even knew you needed a product.

Yes, it is spookie and very Orwellian.  They know that convenience is something that even tops the price of an item.  So, predictive marketing is lurking out there in the near future.  

The Lextra reward program is one, simple phone app that is not owned by a data-hungry corporation or mega-operations that hope to dissect every aspect of our lives.  Lextra does not collect or calculate buying habits our our loyal customers.  Instead, Lextra store use our high-value reward program to encourage customers to do business withing the Lextra network.

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Loyalty is more than negligible reward card points that rarely amount to more than a few dollars.  Lextra shoppers easily earn more than $25 and $50 a month in spendable rewards each month.  And, Lextra is a coalition network meaning that Lextra shoppers can spend their reward points in any Lextra store in any community.  If your favorite store isn't in the Lextra program yet, ask them to check into the Lextra Loyalty Reward program.  They will discover that "Everyone Loves a Little Extra" with the Lextra reward system.