Retail Store Closing Apocalypse

Stop the Store Closings in your CommunityWhat is happening to local economies?  As mega-distribution centers appear everywhere, retail stores are having a silent panic attack.  Life as we know it is changing in ways that we do not yet understand.  And, there are huge consequences for a major reorganization of our economy.

There are obvious clues of this revolution.  More than 41,000 people have lost their jobs in the retail industry so far this year — a 92 percent spike in layoffs since the same time last year, according to a new report.

Walmart is silently closing 11 of this stores in 2019.  J C Pennys is closing 18 stores.  Lifeway Christian Stores are closing 170 of its retail stores.  And, the list goes on as lesser-know independent store that are blighting neighborhoods across America.

Large chains are being affected as well as independent stores.  Target is closing 15 stores in 2019.  Kohls is closing 4 stores.  Macys is closing 8 stores.  J Crew is is closing 6 store across the country.  Some of these closing are said to be due to unprofitable locations.  But, the trend is apparent.

Then, take note of the stores in any area.  Empty store and and vacated business that you see as you drive around.  

Now, take note of the numerous distribution centers in major areas and most local areas.  What this says is that the Internet is overtaking local businesses, capturing sales, and reaching more people that the local stores.

The Lextra system can and will reverse the trend for retail store.  The concept is to bring the leading-edge technology to local businesses for a small monthly fee.  Marketing technology is expensive and requires stellar business minds to produce something that outclasses and outperforms what big mega-business are missing.

How can you get the Lextra system in your community?  We need business leader ready to help develop 100 business in short oder.  We invite the inquires of business and community leaders to explore the extreme opportunities of a Lextra hub in their community.