Stop the Amazon Effect

Shop Local

In the face of powerful mega-corporations using aggressive Internet technology, the extraction of money will cripple communities, stores, manufacturing, jobs, and prosperity is devastating.  If left unchecked, more and more communities will be impacted.  Once jobs leave, stores close, and money leaves for other states, or other countries ... it is too late to fix the problem.

Lextra overlays any business community and quickly becomes the most effective marketing program ever.  Lextra is the ultimate in a Buy Local program as all businesses, large or small, get an amazing ability to reach in excess of 100,000 customers with the most advanced technology and best reward system anywhere.  

We require business leaders to provide the support to reach Founders before the official launch. Contact Lextra for details.  Our 2019 calendar is filling up, so we invite serious inquiries by those willing to install this system.