Why Stores Close and Communities Struggle

Failing Stores

Many communities are watching the demise of numerous local stores as big chain stores and Amazon-type operations suck the economic life out of the community.  There is little that local businesses can do about the invasive threat except to find something that energizes the "Buy Local" concept that struggles to convince customers to patronize local businesses that pay local taxes, recirculate money with other local businesses, and serve the needs of the community.

This quiet war is like the quintessential "David and Goliath" challenge; except that in this instance, Goliath is winning.  In the wake of this war, there are empty storefronts and struggling communities.  The process is slow and the mechanism that kills local stores is innovative and convenient.  Huge billion-dollar operations simply have more buying power and advertising budgets that small businesses do not.  What is desperately needed is powerful technology that can compete with the big operations.  That innovative miracle is Lextra rewards.  

When you fully consider the impact of a large chain store, every consumer should understand that the money leaves the community to profit the corporate location.  This means fewer taxes to support community projects, less local industry, less available cash, and fewer jobs.

And, it should be no surprise to learn that the majority of local jobs are provided by small to medium size businesses.  Even large local companies depend on local businesses to provide the resources it needs.

Reversing the decline of local community vitality requires revitalization of local businesses, services, manufacturers, and product suppliers.  Advertising is one method, but this is a costly and ineffective expense. Buy Local efforts hope to educate the local consumer population, but hasn't reversed the negative trend.

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