The Lextra Advantage

Coalition Reward ProgramLextra is far more than you might first consider, and offers powerful business marketing solutions for a small monthly fee.  

The first advantage is the explosive marketing reach that is able to connect your bushiness to 100,000 local consumers.  Unlike traditional loyalty programs, there is no need for reward cards for multiple businesses.  Customer love rewards, but are often disappointed at meager results.  The Lextra app delivers larger-than-expected rewards for all Lextra business.  Lextra has innovated loyalty rewards to deliver substantial and meaningful rewards.  The Lextra reward app can actually change the buying habits of local customers in your favor.

Mobile apps are the future, and our coalition approach is not only novel ... but extremely effective.

Lextra understands that the "Extra Capacity" of empty rooms, empty seats, empty appoints, or unsold inventory reduce profits.  So, we found an extraordinary method to use up the unused capacity to increase profits.  If your business has just 20% of extra capacity and your monthly receipts are $60,000; an additional 20% of sales adds $12,000 per month to your revenue.

The Lextra business community includes an exchange process that also allows businesses to use non-cash exchanged for many services and expenses.  If just 10% of the $60,000 budget could be paid in a trade exchange, your business will have an additional $6000 of cash in the bank.

But, until Lextra is brought to your community, all this is just a wistful dream.  We invite the inquiry of local business leaders to discuss our affordable option.