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Local Business SuccessWhen your store, service, or business becomes an early adopter with the Lextra Loyalty Rewards you have taken a great step towards success. Like buying a good stock early on. Early adopters will profit far more than those who wait and see...  

We have prepared a clear and quick overview that owners, managers, and key members of your staff should review.  Once set up, the process is easy to use and highly effective. Creating a big increase in customer traffic and profits.  

Lextra's support team in your location is invested in your business' success. Lextra has mapped out how they will help your business gain new customers, and fully utilize The Lexta Reward Advantage, freeing your time up to handle the increase in business. 

MAC Access

What if ....

Nearly every business has unused capacity, unsold inventory, empty seats, vacant rooms, unscheduled appointments, and goods sitting on shelves.  These problems indicate that your business is losing money due to a lack of customers.  The solutions is a better way to get exposure to a larger audience.  

You could pay for advertising to reach a larger audience ... which is expensive and without assurance of results.  You can invest into websites and social media marketing.  Or, you could use the Lextra program to reach 100,000 potential customers in your immediate area.  These are active consumers who love the benefit of Lextra Loyal Rewards.  More exposure means more traffic and more sales.  Why run at 70-80% of your potential when Lextra customers are highly-motivated to spend their dollars with businesses that offer high-value Lextra Reward points?

Right now ...

We need coffee shops, auto mechanics, attorneys, pizza shops, restaurants. pet care services, spas, hair and mail salons, grocery stores, shoe stores, appliance stores, landscaping services, print shops,   retail stores, dry cleaners, gyms, personal trainers, CPAs and bookkeepers, dentists, cosmetic surgery, health food stores, and whatever goods or services your business can supply.

Joining as a Lextra merchant, you get everything we offer on day one, and without a contract.  We are confident that the our program will make a huge difference in your traffic, profits, and ongoing success.