Multiple Acquisition Customer

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LeadershipA MAC is a community business leader who is prepared to encourage other businesses to participate in the Lextra program.  The initial phase to introduce the Lextra program to any community is the requirement to enlist 100-300 local businesses in the program.  We know that a coalition reward system needs the ability for customers to receive and spend their rewards.  Therefore, is a critical requirement to bring the best businesses together in planned meetings.

The viral success of the Lextra Rewards program depends on the rapid deployment of Lextra-connected businesses throughout the community.  We invite all types of businesses whether they are B2B or B2C.  We need retail stores, services, restaurants, coffee shops, pizza parlor, beauty salons, supply companies, attorneys, CPAs, bookkeepers, tire stores, and technical services.  We invite all types of businesses that are active in your community.

If you are a serious community leader who can bring other businesses together to hear about an amazingly powerful marketing system, we would like to hear from you.

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