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The Coalition Rewards Concept

Loyalty Reward Programs

While forty countries offer coalition reward programs, this is still a new idea to most and relatively new to the American market.  Coalition reward programs allow many local companies to offer reward points, and customers can redeem the reward points in many local businesses.  This is a huge stimulus to customers who routinely shop are multiple stores and have needs not offer through just one store.

The Death of Reward Cards

Death of Local StoresIf you are like millions of others with a wallet bulging with reward cards or dozens of mini-cards on your keychain, this death of reward cards is good news.  As technology trudges forward, those rewards cards are going the way of compact disks and writing paper checks.  Frankly, there is now one innovation that will make our lives better as anyone sitting on a billfold will attest.

Tribalism versus Community

Community is Sharing

Great ideas spark great solutions. The idea of flight was laughed at until the Wright brothers figured out how to fly.  Now, all of us use their idea and fly.  

Lextra Rewards is a novel coalition rewards program.  A "coalition" is where people are able " to grow together."  This implies it is a place where people have something shareable and valuable to offer each other, helping each to grow. 


Why Stores Close and Communities Struggle

Failing Stores

Many communities are watching the demise of numerous local stores as big chain stores and Amazon-type operations suck the economic life out of the community.  There is little that local businesses can do about the invasive threat except to find something that energizes the "Buy Local" concept that struggles to convince customers to patronize local businesses that pay local taxes, recirculate money with other local businesses, and serve the needs of the community.


Where can I Spend my Lextra Rewards?

Buy Local with Lextra

Lextra never launches a hub in a city or community without at least 100 businesses ready to award and redeem Lextra Reward points.  So, the answer is that there are plenty of places to earn and redeem your Lextra Reward points.

By going to, you can enter your primary shopping area to view available businesses or view a map with pins to locate Lextra stores and get directions to their location.

The Lextra Advantage

Traditionl Advertising

Businesses advertise with the expectation to reach their current customers and beyond. Newspapers, mailers, radio programs, and billboard ads seek to expand the influence of any business from, let’s say, 1000 customer of annual customers to 5,000 to 50,000 prospects.  

But, why don’t these media outlets work effectively?  The problem is that these paid ads are at best momentary highlights buried in a sea of hundreds of other competing ads.  Advertising agencies defend the rolling cost of advertising by arguing that advertising must be persistent and on multiple levels.  


It pays to "Like" your Favorite merchants

Like Lextra Business

How easy is it to earn $100, $250, or $500 in Lextra Solo Reward points?  Many Lextra stores and services offer $5 and $10 in Lextra Solo reward points when a Lextra member "LIKES" a participating Lextra business. If you LIKE ten participating Lextra businesses offering $5 in Lextra rewards cash, that equals $50 of buying power before you spend one dime.

The Solo reward points feature offered by Lextra member businesses are the merchant's way of saying "Come visit, and try my product or service".  

Lextra Reward program offers two types of reward points: