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The Coalition Rewards Concept

Loyalty Reward Programs

While forty countries offer coalition reward programs, this still remains very new to the American market.  Coalition reward programs allow many local companies to provide reward points, and customers can redeem the reward points in many local businesses.  This is a massive stimulus to customers who routinely shop are multiple stores and have needs not offer through just one store.

How Local Businesses Fight Back

Starting and staying in business has never been for the faint of heart.  The failure rate of companies in the first five to seven years is estimated at about 70% depending on the type of business.  Can anyone anticipate the success ratio or potential problems that they will face when they start a business?  And, starting a business is not just about hard work and an excellent idea.

Boca Raton Businesses Discover Lextra

Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce

Starting in April 2019, Boca Raton area businesses are learning about Lextra.  Lextra is hosting informative meetings at the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce offices to explain the power and reach of the Lextra Reward program.  The information is not only impressive, but provides the only technologically-sound path to mitigate the invasive power of Internet competition and mega-chain stores that are putting stress and strain on local businesses.  

Stop the Amazon Effect

Shop Local

Lextra overlays any business community and quickly becomes the most effective marketing program ever.  Lextra is the ultimate in a Buy Local program as all businesses, large or small, get an amazing ability to reach in excess of 100,000 customers with the most advanced technology and best reward system anywhere.  Lextra is an affordable and effective marketing program that will literally change buying habits and effectively compete with Amazon-type offers and large chain store tactics that are hurting local businesses.

The Death of Reward Cards

Death of Local Stores

If you are like millions of others who are tired of a wallet bulging with reward cards or dozens of mini-cards on your keychain, then the death of reward cards is good news.  
As we speak, the entire industry of rewards technology is leaping forward, quickly retiring the "stubs and cards" processors. They are now as obsolete as compact disks and writing paper checks. 

Tribalism versus Community

Community is Sharing

Great ideas spark great solutions. The concept of the flight was laughed at until the Wright brothers figured out how to fly.  Now, all of us use their idea and fly.  

Lextra Rewards is an innovative coalition rewards program.  A "coalition" is where people "grow together." That implies a place where people have something shareable and valuable to offer each other, i.e. their goods or services.